Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bodie, Ca: California Ghost Town

Bodie, Ca
Bodie, California is a ghost town located near Bridgeport, Ca and 75 miles from Lake Tahoe. At the height of the Gold Rush, Bodie produced millions in gold. This ghost town, deemed as a California Historic Park in 1962, is positioned near Sierra Nevada and the eastern California border. The drive to this California State Historic Park is scenic until you reach the front entrance of Bodie.

The front entrance consists of a rough terrain covered in rocks and dirt and is a bumpy ride. The drive to enter Bodie Park is 3 miles. We recommend visitors to use reliable vehicles and drive carefully to avoid. Use precaution on this dirt road because you can easily damage your vehicle and possibly get into an accident.

Admission to this park is $7.50 per adult and $3 per child 16 and under. Visit this link for hours of operations.

The following pictures were taken at Bodie, Ca.

Bodie State Historical Park entrance

Bodie, Ca

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